Syrian Opposition to form secure points for Syrian refugees

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Syria’s Opposition and Revolutionary Forces Coalition (SMDK) Turkey representative Halid Hoca stated that they are working on a project to place Syrian refugees at more secure points, which are under the control of dissidents, over ongoing tension between Syrian refugees and Turkish local people in southern Turkey.

Attacks on Syrian refugees in the southeastern province of Gaziantep began last week, after a Syrian refugee fatally stabbed his Turkish landlord. Protesters in the city have since been burning cars with Syrian license plates and assaulting Syrian families. So far, at least 50 people have been detained. The police have been dispersing groups of protesters with tear gas over the past four days.

Giving a press conference in Istanbul, Hoca said some provocateur groups controlled by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad try to distort perception of Syrian people in Turkey with some provocations. The number Syrian people living in Turkey has risen to 1,3 million and the number may increase if the ongoing war does not come to a halt, a situation which Turkey cannot afford, stated Hoca who called for international help for the refugees.

Hoca went on to say that they are working on a new project for Syrian refugees to be placed at more secure points, which can only be implemented with formation of a no-fly zone by Free Syrian Army. He added that the project needs support from international bodies to protect refugees who are weary of attacks by Assad regime and to decrease migration to Turkey.