Swiss Airbus A220 Suffers Bird Ingestion In Madrid, Makes Safe Landing

A Swiss International Airlines A220 made a safe landing at Madrid airport on Monday 13th May, despite suffering a bird strike on its final approach.

HB-JBG from Zurich to Madrid was on final approach to Madrid Barajas runway 32R when one of its engines ingested a bird. The incident occurred at about 07:10 UTC.

The Swiss A220 (formerly Bombardier C-Series) continued its approach and landed safely. However, its return to Kloten was delayed for 16 hours due to a damaged engine, according to AirInside.

A spokesperson for Swiss told Simple Flying that the plane has since returned to Zurich, landing at the airport at 13:54 local time on Tuesday.

Exactly one month ago (13/04/19) a Swiss A320-200 (registration HB-IJM) had begun its route out of Zurich when a bird struck its starboard engine.

The crew halted the climb at 22,000 feet and reported engine ‘vibrations’, writes Simon Hradecky of The Aviation Herald. A fuel jettison was initiated and the aircraft returned to Zurich 65 minutes later. A replacement service was called in.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority