Sustainability Is The Future Of Investing


Doha Bank hosted an unprecedented online client event on 23rd June 2021 on the topic of “Investment Outlook”

Over 400 guests have attended the event on various virtual channels. The outlook was sponsored by the Private Banking division solely for their high net worth clients in Qatar.

Slim Bouker, Head of Private Banking “who indicated that these investment outlooks are part of our ongoing efforts to bring market knowledge to our clients’’. He also spoke about the partnership with Bank of Singapore (BOS), Asia’s Global Private Bank. We bring “BOS expertise at the doorstep of our HNW clients here in Qatar.”

Dr. Seetharaman, Doha Bank Group CEO, commented on the global outlook. He said “According to World Bank June 2021, the Global economy expected to grow by 5.6% in 2021. The Advanced economies are expected to grow by 5.4% in 2021 and Emerging Market and Developing economies are expected to grow by 6% in 2021. Significant volatility noticed after the recent Fed meeting with Dollar Strengthening, Precious metals weakening and capital markets falling. The recent rallies in industrial metals also subsided on account of the strong dollar. The Global economy expects to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic however the inflation concerns had hurt capital markets. The ESG framework has been given thrust globally and in Qatar.  Sustainability is the future of investing.”

Internationally recognized industry experts were invited by the private bank to the forum which was moderated by Dr. Seetharaman, Doha Bank Group CEO, to cover key topics:

  • Ian Thom, Research Director at Woodmac, spoke from Edinburgh, and elaborated on Oil & Gas investment trends and what it means for Qatar? Quoted “Qatar has the world’s most competitive LNG, and thanks to the massive North Field expansion, is one of a few countries globally where hydrocarbon investment is scaling up.”
  • Qatar Airways Chief Commercial Officer: getting stronger, resilience and sustainability. Thierry Antinori explained how the Qatar flagship was always there for their passengers. “We at Qatar Airways have been very honoured to join this conference and to update on our Covid crisis management. We have never been stopping to fly during the pandemic. It has been since the beginning of the crisis to be there for our customers who needed us as a reliable and resilient airline to repatriate. To build on our industry leadership in terms of product quality and bio safety and on trusted relationships with trade and customers to become the largest airline in the world in internal traffic. Sustainability has been a permanent focus too by deploying B787 and A350 aircrafts generating substantially less emissions than 4 engines aircrafts.
  • From Boston, Ms. Nathalie Wallace, Head of ESG Strategy & Development at Mirova (an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers) elaborated on ESG trends, value proposition & value add to portfolios. She said: “Mirova, by being at the forefront on innovation in sustainable finance, helps clients transition their investment portfolios in line with a global economy experiencing a fourth industrial revolution”

At the closing of the event Slim emphasized on the fact that Doha Bank supports the views of “capital preservation and growth, our clients deserve diversity in their investment solutions. Together with Bank of Singapore, we strive for long lasting client relationships.”


Source: Doha Bank