Sunquest Information Systems Announces the General Availability of Sunquest Mitogen™: Molecular LIMS and Genetic Analysis for Laboratories


Announcing a new world-class, comprehensive, and flexible platform to simplify and streamline molecular diagnostics laboratory management and genetic analysis and reporting for precision medicine – from wet lab to dry lab

TUCSON, Arizona, Aug. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. announced today the general availability of Sunquest Mitogen™, a laboratory information management system (LIMS) and genetic analysis software suite for molecular diagnostics and precision medicine. The comprehensive, integrated molecular and genetics laboratory solution streamlines data and processes across the wet lab and the dry lab – from sample accessioning and tracking; to lab workflows, inventory and reagent management; to data generation, genetic analysis, and clinical report creation and delivery.

“Sunquest is committed to advancing technology to allow our laboratory partners to respond to market demand. As medical treatments become more precise, clinicians are looking to laboratories to support precision medicine. This requires taking on complex lab processes and delivering easy-to-understand, clinically actionable reports – with short turnaround times and at lower cost,” said Matt Hawkins, president/CEO of Sunquest. “The innovation embodied in Sunquest Mitogen makes this much easier.”

“We wanted a platform that was paperless, cutting-edge, alive and responsive. But with many LIMS platforms we looked at, attempting to adapt them to molecular testing was like fitting a square peg into a round hole. Sunquest Mitogen is different – it is designed for molecular testing,” said Dr. Jason Walker, chief scientific officer at MedComp Sciences, a clinical laboratory services company and Sunquest client. “The end result is something we are truly proud of at MedComp. It is an investment we have made in laboratory quality and in our future.”

“Sunquest delivers laboratory solutions that support world-class labs,” Hawkins added. “Sunquest Mitogen is an innovative, comprehensive and flexible solution for laboratories to simplify and streamline extremely complicated molecular diagnostics and genetic testing processes and analysis. Sunquest Mitogen flexibly fits into existing laboratory workflows and new workflows are quick to build, which is essential in a molecular lab.”

Nabil Hafez, senior director of product management for Sunquest’s precision medicine solution added, “By taming the extreme complexity of molecular diagnostic laboratory processes and genetic variant analysis, we’re creating the right conditions for laboratories to offer these important diagnostic tests.”

Sunquest Mitogen laboratory software addresses the high complexity of sample lineage, laboratory processes, and genetic analysis for molecular diagnostics and precision medicine, which requires a laboratory platform designed from its foundation for this kind of laboratory work. In addition, Sunquest Mitogen interfaces with other clinical software, instruments, and services at the lab, and the electronic medical records used by healthcare providers.

The new solution combines the power of two key complimentary acquisitions, GeneInsight and UNIConnect, and optimizes the combined value with a set of pre-defined, out-of-the-box workflows for the LIMS and genetic analysis components.

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