Sudanese Vice President Confirms Government Support to Darfur Projects

Khartoum, Sudanese Vice President Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman confirmed that the government prioritizes the support of development projects in Darfur to strengthen peace in the region.

In a speech held in Zalingei, Central Darfur’s capital, Abdul Rahman said the development projects are being executed as part of the Darfur Peace Agreement which created new paths for the advancement of communities in Darfur and turn them into productive and supportive communities for economic stability in the country.

The Vice President explained the plan that the Sudanese government thrives to achieve in Darfur in 2017 which focuses on transformative industries, the support of integrated software solutions, the development of agricultural areas, and to provide protection, social security, education, and alleviate poverty, stressing that the maintaining the achievements of peace achieved so far require the support of Darfur population through succeeding the special operation programs.

Source: Qatar News Agency