President Omer Al-Bashir has affirmed Sudan’S keenness to offer its good offices for a reconciliation between the Gulf States which seen Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain breaking diplomatic ties with Qatar.

Speaking at a Ramadan banquet at the Presidential Guest House here Sunday in honour of the Sheikhs of the Sofi sects, President Al-Bashir also called for an end to the conspiracies against the Sunna community in Sudan and to oil the attempts to create sedition and to undermine the unity of Muslims.

Referringto the role of the Sofi sects and their sheikhs in expanding Islamic Da’awa, President Al-Bashir asserted that their Salvation Revolution programme was aimed for disseminating religious values and lofty virtues.

He indicated that the Sennarist State and the Sufi sects had been the basis for Sudanese morals and deeds and had established the community of morals, chastity and honesty.

He announced a plan to establish a committee to receive and to solve complaints of the Sheikhs of the Sufi sects.

Meanwhile, the Assistant to the President and Deputy Chairman of the ruling National Congress for Party Affairs, Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, said the sheikhs of Sufi sects had supported Sudan’s National Salvation Revolution since its advent because it had raised the slogans of the Sennarist and Mahdism States and worked to expand the lofty religious values and principles in the Sudanese communities.

Source: NAM News Network