Khartoum, -Sudanese Minister of International Cooperation Othman Ahmad Fadl Wash has lauded Qatar’s support to his country in areas of promoting stability, sustaining peace and advancing its comprehensive development.

The Sudanese minister said in a statement that the Qatari leadership has done intensive development efforts in Darfur by establishing an unprecedented new approach to peace based on a comprehensive roadmap to stop the war and remove its effects and improving the levels of economic communities a matter that reflected positively on the whole of Sudan.

He added that his ministry had achieved great results and made positive achievements at the regional and international levels, benefiting from the Qatari support in various fields, noting that the Doha Peace Agreement provided a platform for a high positive launching in the Sudanese foreign files, including Sudan’s accession to the World Trade Organization Integration into the global economy and a breakthrough in its international relations.

He pointed out that the integrated development systems established by the State of Qatar in Darfur through the modern model villages, have become major urban centers and unprecedented large civilian transformations and created a new reality other than the international community’s view on Darfur.

The Sudanese official said that the State of Qatar had played a significant role in supporting the United Nations agencies to carry out their duties in Darfur as required, which led to the advancement of stability and support of social services, stressing at the same time that the Qatari development initiatives led the Arab, regional and international community to create a positive movement in support of peace that enabled Sudan to make international breakthroughs in favor of peace and stability.(QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency