Study on ‘Projects-Based Education’ for kindergarten students discussed at AGU

Manama, The Arabian Gulf University (AGU) recently hosted the discussion of a study on the impact of a projects-based programme on developing the skills of critical and creative thinking, and the development of self-concept and school readiness, among gifted kindergarten children.

Conducted by researcher Fatima Al Hassawi, the study was conducted on a sample of 22 children of both genders that were divided on two groups. Ms. Al Hassawi conducted several tests on the sampled children, such as Critical Thinking, Torrance’s Thinking Creatively in Action and Movement (TCAM), Kuwait Survey for Preschool Children and the Self-concept test. The researcher utilised the SPSS statistical software to process the collected data.

In her recommendations, Ms. Al Hassawi advised to follow the projects-based teaching method as one of the key methods in teaching kindergartens students and preschool children, with the aim of developing self-concept, creative and critical thinking among children in this age group.

She also called for organising training courses for kindergarten teachers to train them on the application of projects-based education methods, and to utilise projects as a mean of assessing students in the elementary stages to sustain the research capacity-building process that is established in the kindergartens stage.

The discussion came as part of the requirements to award Ms. Al Hassawi a PhD degree in Gifted Education Philosophy from the College of Graduate Studies in AGU. It was supervised by Cognitive Psychology and Learning Professor at the College of Graduate Studies Dr. Emad Al Zeghoul, and Gifted Education Assistant Professor in the College of Graduate Studies Dr. Fatima Al Jassim.

Source: Bahrain News Agency