Qatar University establishes many initiatives to support its students in their journey to achieve success and maintain the quality of education. A prominent initiative is the Student Learning Support Center (SLSC). The Center focuses on empowering students with knowledge and skills to help them achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals.

The SLSC has a nurturing environment where students can seek assistance with academic coursework, writing assignments, transitioning to college life, and many other academic aspects. SLSC programs and services include tutoring sessions, supplemental instruction, writing support along with academic coaching and workshops.

The Center has two sections: The Writing Support Section and the Academic Support Section. The Writing Support Section include the English Writing Lab and the Arabic Writing Lab. Through these labs, the Center assists university students to develop their writing skills and abilities to write academic reports. The Academic sections supports students to achieve success and excellence during their academic journey and equip them with the needed skills to overcome personal and educational challenges.

The Student Learning Support Center, which is designed to help students become independent and successful by developing their learning skills, enhancing their self-confidence, increasing their understanding of coursework and encouraging them to take a positive view of learning and prepare for the process lifelong learning.

With the start of the final exams for Spring 2018, we hope all our students at Qatar University to make the most of the services of the SLSC. We wish everyone great success.

Source: Qatar University