Stoltenberg: NATO is at the forefront of fight against int'l terrorism

Nato chief, Jens Stoltenberg speaking at the press conference
Nato chief, Jens Stoltenberg speaking at the press conference

BRUSSELS, Jan 28 (KUNA) — NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg released his annual report at a press conference Thursday which provides an overview of NATO activities in 2015 in the fight against terrorism, enhancing deterrence and defence and investing in security.
“Terrorism poses a real and serious threat to the security and safety of people around the world. As events in 2015 demonstrated, this is a global threat that knows no border, nationality or religion – a challenge that members of the international community must tackle together,” he said in the report.
“2015 has shown how insecurity abroad directly affects our security at home. We saw this in the brutal terrorist attacks in our cities, in the refugee crisis, in Russia’s continued actions in Ukraine and its recent military build-up in Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean,” noted the report.
“NATO is also at the forefront of the fight against international terrorism. Every NATO Ally and many of our partners are part of the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL,” it said.
“To address the root causes of instability, NATO is working even closer with our partners in the region. We are training Iraqi officers in areas such as demining, cyber defence and security sector reform. We are building the defence capacity of Jordan. We are engaging with Tunisia, including on the training of Special Forces. And we are working with many other countries across North Africa, including Morocco and Mauritania,” it said.
The 124-page report made special mention of NATO’s deepening cooperation with partners around the globe to build stability.
Stoltenbeg said “NATO has relationships with seven countries on the southern Mediterranean rim through the Mediterranean Dialogue, as well as with four countries from the Gulf region through the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative.” On Afghanistan, the report said that despite challenging conditions, our ongoing mission in Afghanistan to train, advise and assist Afghan security forces is helping to maintain stability.
“We have pledged to maintain the current level of troops in 2016. We are also looking at how we can contribute to the funding of the Afghan security forces after 2017, and we are developing our enduring partnership with Afghanistan,” it noted.
“In 2016 and in the years ahead, NATO will remain an anchor of stability. Staying strong, open for dialogue, and working with our partners around the world,” added the NATO chief. (end)