The Sports Activities Department in Qatar University aims to provide a variety of high quality sports in its facilities, by consistently offering a number of sport and recreational programs that develop students physically and give them a sense of belonging within the university and community. The department also offers a wide range of sporting opportunities both within the campus and outside, in the male and female buildings, to all students, alumni, professors, staff and their families.

The department has a variety of sections that occupy different functions. They are: The Campus Events and Activities Section, male and female, The Aquatic Center, male and female, and The Physiotherapy and Sport Injuries Section.

The vision of the Sports Activities Department is to provide a wide variety of sport, health and recreation programs. It also formulates sport leadership programs and teams, with the aim of integrating members of Qatar University into activities that help develop mental and physical skills.

The department aims to achieve a number of objectives, namely: providing programs and services that enhance the success of students in a safe and diverse environment, forming sport teams that represent Qatar University in local, regional and international championships, improving the level of health and sports in the campus, providing awareness programs for target groups, creating a culture of academic excellence by achieving proper balance of mind and body.

The department provides the following services:

1. Sports Teams

The department works to provide a range of competitive programs aimed at training students physically and mentally, and motivating them to compete in local and international competitions. This is achieved through forming and training sport teams and participating in a number of local and international competitions, in a variety of sports.

2. University Activities and Events

Through various activities and events, the department aims to integrate and engage the community to exercise in their daily lives.

3. Fitness and Health Programs

A range of training courses and specialized programs are offered to increase campus awareness about the importance of sports on physical and mental health and its impact on academic performance.

4. Sports Leadership Programs

This leadership program aims to provide participants with theories, skills and practical expertise to qualify them to be leaders of the future in Qatar’s sports sector.

Source: Qatar University