Spokesperson course for World Cup security participants concludes


The Media Unit of the Security and Safety Operations Committee (SSOC) of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 concluded yesterday the two-month spokesperson course, in which 12 officers from various units of the committee participated. The participants received lectures on the concepts of the communication process, digital communication, digital public opinion, digital media crises, the tasks of the security speaker, his characteristics, the speaker’s success factors, body language, building a persuasive message, and other topics. The course also included an applied axis on the use of social media platforms, the use of cameras and photographic equipment, mobile journalism, speaking in front of a mobile camera, press conferences and other practical exercises.

Head of the Media Unit, Brigadier Abdullah Khalifa al-Muftah, explained that one of the main objectives of the course is to prepare security speakers to be able to deal with traditional and digital media, indicating the importance of the spokesman having media and communication skills, ways to face various critical situations and the basis for dealing with them, especially in light of the tremendous and rapid development that the world is witnessing in the fields of digital communication and the new treatment it imposes on the media’s handling of various events.

He affirmed the keenness of the Media Unit to organize this course, as the beginning of other advanced courses that would benefit the largest number of officers participating in the security coverage of the World Cup, especially as the course content included many innovative and non-traditional training topics and programmes.


Source: Ministry of Interior