Specialist in international media: Iran threatens security and stability of region

Buraidah, Dhu-AlQa’dah 10, 1438 — “The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been very patient with the Iranian leadership,” said Dr. Fahad bin Abdulrahman al-Muleiki, the international media specialist.

He pointed out that the escalation of tension in relations is not new, but that there have been frequent historical crises with Iran, as evidenced by the records of local, and international media archives, which made the kingdom determined to cut off diplomatic relations.

He added that the incident of storming the embassy buildings of the kingdom in Tehran, the Iranian capital, and the assault on its property proves that these acts of terrorism are outside the framework and rules of international law in general.

He stressed that these actions are not strange to Iran’s terrorist leadership, which used the method of procrastination, insults and disregard, especially in the application of international regulations and agreements signed in the field of diplomatic relations such as the 1961 convention known as the Vienna Convention on International Relations and Diplomacy and the Vienna Convention signed by Iran in 1963 on diplomatic rights which emphasizes the respect for diplomatic norms, the protection of diplomats and the safeguarding of embassy premises.

He pointed out that Iran is a vicious and dangerous country with subversive sectarian ideas aimed at tearing apart the Arab society, creating strife and destabilization in the ranks of the Arab nation, supporting terrorist organizations, and using the method of division among communities, especially in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, as it did with the State of Qatar and control of its government under its sectarian umbrella with misleading public opinion in the region.

Al-Muliki also pointed out that the international community is fully aware that Iran is the malignant germ that undermines the security and stability of the Arab region and the creation of parties that serve its interests, such as the terrorist Hezbollah party in Lebanon and the terrorist Houthis in Yemen.

Source: Saudi Press Agency