South Sudan Agrees to Deployment of Additional UN Peacekeepers

Juba, – South Sudan’s government has accepted the deployment of a 4,000 strong regional protection force recently mandated by the United Nations Security Council, in addition to the roughly 12,000 UN peacekeepers already serving in the African nation.

The announcement was made in a joint communique issued at the end of a meeting between President Salva Kiir and the Security council delegation, according to UN.

Representatives of the United Nations Security Council who are currently in Juba held talks with South Sudanese president Salva Kiir on Sunday over the deployment of additional peacekeeping troops to the country.

“To improve the security situation, the Transitional Government of National Unity gave its consent to the deployment as part of UNMISS [UN Mission in South Sudan] of the Regional Protection Force” in line with Security Council resolution 2304 (2016), according to the communique read by the country’s Cabinet Affairs Minister, Martin Elia Lomoro.

According to the communique, the troop contributing countries, UNMISS and the Transitional Government have agreed to continue working on the modalities of deployment, and to build upon the consultations that have been taking place in recent months.

Source: Qatar News Agency