Some state enterprises indebted over AZN 10 mln to budget due to communal services

Baku: In January-July 2014, enterprises, offices, and organizations financed by Azerbaijan’s state budget consumed 885.8 mln kWh of electrical energy, 99,100 G/kal of thermal energy, 71.9 mln cubic meters of natural gas, 11.1 mln cubic meters of water, and communication services worth AZN 5.1 mln.

Compared to the analogous period of 2013, consumption of communication services has increased by 24.1%, consumption of natural gas by 6.8%, consumption of thermal energy by 6%, consumption of electrical energy by 4.2%, while consumption of water has declined by 4.3%, APA-Economics reports in reference to the State Statistics Committee.

The total value of the consumed electrical and thermal energy, natural gas, water, and communication services made up AZN 78.1 mln, a 3.9% increase. 68.0% of the total value of the consumption goes to electrical energy, 12.7% to water, 9.2% to natural gas, 6.5% to communication services, and 3.6% to thermal energy.

In January-July this year, budgetary organizations have kept at deficit 87.1% or AZN 10.1 mln of the used resources by paying 83.4%. AZN 8 mln of the consumed electrical energy, AZN 760,600 of natural gas, AZN 546,400 of thermal energy, AZN 524,000 of water, and azn 269,500 of communications services have not been paid yet.