Some 130 listed companies realize KD 1.55 bln in 2015 – Bayan report

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KUWAIT, March 26 (KUNA) — Up to 130 companies, out of the 188 listed ones at the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE), have disclosed their financial results for 2015, a report said on Saturday.
The latest KSE Weekly Trading Activity report by Bayan Investment Company added that the 133 companies about KD 1.55 billion, up by 1.94 percent compared to 2014 results for the same companies, as it was around KD 1.52 billion. (KD 1 = USD 3.3) According to the report, the market cap of all the listed companies hit KD 23.19 billion, down by about KD 9.15 million, about 3.8 percent, compared to KD 24.11 billion a week earlier.
The KSE ended last week with mixed performance, as the Price Index closed at 5,268.45 points, up by 0.12 percent from the week before and the Weighted Index decreased by 1.22 percent after closing at 358.97 points. The KSX-15 Index closed at 840.79 points down by 1.98 percent, Bayan said.
Furthermore, last week’s average daily turnover increased by 0.61 percent, compared to the preceding week, reaching KD 12.94 million, whereas trading volume average was 141.28 million shares, recording a decrease of 7.14 percent.
As per the stock market daily performance; the Price Index was able to compensate a small portion of its losses recorded a week earlier, while the Weighted and KSX-15 Indices recorded different losses due to the selling pressures and the profit collection operations executed by some investors on many stocks.
Also, the fear and cautious state witnessed by the market from having some stocks being banned from trading for being late in disclosing its 2015 financial results, contributed to shifting many investors to liquidating their stocks, which caused the market to decline in general in most of the week’s sessions. (end) mka.ysa.msa