Somali Health Minister, UAE Ambassador visit injured Somalis at Sheikh Zayed Hospital.

The Somali Minister of Health, Fawziya Abikar Nor, visited those injured in last week’s terror blast in capital Mogadishu, at the Sheikh Zayed Hospital.

Accompanied by UAE Ambassador to Somalia, Mohammed Ahmed Othman, and the UAE medical team, the minister checked on the condition of the injured, while Emirati attending doctors briefing her on the medical and therapeutic services provided to them. She commended the efforts of the UAE medical team in that respect.

The minister thanked the UAE for its humanitarian initiative to airlift 100 injured Somalis to receive medical treatment in Kenya and take care of 300 families and orphans of the victims of the attack.

”The people of Somalia will also always remember the UAE’s stance and assistance during difficult times,” she said.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs