‘Severing Qatar relations aims to safeguard national security’

Strasbourg: Within its current European tour, the delegation of the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), led by Said bin Mohammed Al-Faihani, met, at the European Parliament (EP) headquarters in Strasbourg today, EP member, representing the Czech Republic, Miroslav Poche.

Al-Faihani reviewed the role of the NIHR in promoting the human rights culture, as well as in consolidating and protecting those rights.

He also highlighted the NIHR’s responsibilities of following up on the human rights-related complaints of the citizens and residents.

Tackling relations with Qatar, the NIHR President described the measures taken by Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt against it as being severance of relations and not a blockade as claimed by Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee.

He pointed out the severance of relations is a sovereign right guaranteed by the International Law to safeguard national security against the dangers of terrorism which seeks to undermine human rights and basic liberties, and poses a serious threat to the region’s stability.

He affirmed that the countries calling for combating terrorism had taken the humanitarian side into account and allocated hotlines to joint GCC families in appreciation for the brotherly Qatari people.

Al-Faihani also emphasised that the NIHR, given its human rights role, and being a member of the Global Alliance for National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI), is monitoring the situation closely to ensure that the basic rights of the citizens of both countries are not affected.

Source: Bahrain News Agency