Several persons in Azerbaijan call “hotline” on suspicion of Ebola virus

Baku: A “hotline” call center for the Ebola virus has been created at the Republican Anti-Plague Station of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Health.

Shair Gurbanov, Deputy Director of the Republican Anti-Plague Station, said the call center has usually worked during the working hours, but the service can extend beyond the working hours when there’s an extra demand. According to him, the call center at 530 32 13 has started to serve the residents for 24 hours a day since yesterday.

Shair Gurbanov noted that anyone at any time can call the “hotline” over any concern: “Some people just lack information about this disease. There are enough questions in this regard. All questions will be answered in detail via the call center. One or two persons with fever called the “hotline” yesterday on suspicion of the Ebola Virus. And they were told that if they hadn’t been abroad or had received somebody form abroad in the last 20-25 days, then there’s no need to worry”.

Shair Gurbanov said that reports of the detection of the virus from an African person in Russia caused some concerns amongst people, adding that Russia has extensive trade relations with the countries where the virus has spread. Tourists come and go: “Russia told its citizens yesterday not to go to those countries. But nevertheless, tourists continue to disregard the warning. Azerbaijan, however, almost do not have any relations with those countries. But just in case, it’s necessary to register the people coming from those countries at border checkpoints. They must be kept under control for the maximum period of incubation (nearly three weeks) so that necessary actions would be taken if the disease is detected”.

The Deputy Director also emphasized that it’s almost impossible for the virus to spread in Azerbaijan: “Because this virus spreads when people don’t follow the rules of hygiene. Even if the disease is detected in Azerbaijan, it’s unlikely that the virus could spread. Because the people understand that they should not be in contact with patients. Even if an ill person comes here from abroad, this disease is implausible to spread in Azerbaijan. In any case, after the deputy health minister’s order, preventive measures have been boosted up in order to prevent the arrival of the disease to Azerbaijan.