SECRETARY BLINKEN: Good afternoon, everyone. It’s a great pleasure, as always, to be with my friend, the foreign minister of Qatar, who we have spent a lot of time together in various parts of the world and on the phone, and I think this is evidence of the very close partnership between Qatar and the United States on a broad range of both regional and global issues. We had an opportunity to just spend some time talking about a number of them, to include Afghanistan, to include Iran, to include some other regional issues, and of course to talk a little bit about the work that we’re doing here in Cambodia. But this is a partnership, a relationship the United States values tremendously. Qatar is a major non-NATO ally. But alongside of that, really a partner in trying to deal with so many of the most urgent challenges that we face around the world. Always good to meet, my friend.

FOREIGN MINISTER AL THANI: Thank you very much, Mr. Secretary, for receiving me here today. I know you have a very busy and packed schedule, but I think the world events requires consultation between both of us, especially what’s going on in our region. I think our discussion today is very important for the security for – for the security of our region. And we really appreciate the relationship and the partnership and the commitment that the U.S. has toward our region. So thank you very much.

Source: US Department of State