Second black box of doomed EgyptAir flight recovered

CAIRO, June 17 (KUNA) — The second data recorder of the EgyptAir plane that crashed in the Mediterranean Sea last month has been retrieved, the Ministry of Civil Aviation announced on Friday.
A specialized vessel, the John Lethbridge, contracted by the Egyptian government, has been able to recover the second black box, including the memory unit, which is the “most crucial part” of the data recorder, a statement by the ministry noted.
The second black box, along with the cockpit voice recorder found on Thursday, will be referred to authorities for thorough investigations, the statement added.
The EgyptAir Flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo vanished over the eastern Mediterranean on May 19, with 66 passengers and crew on board.
The plane’s wreckage was subsequently found in several locations as the cause of the crash remains a mystery.
Investigators have said it is still premature to rule out any causes for the crash. (end) aff.nam