London, – First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has said she is willing to have a “reasonable” discussion with UK Prime Minister Theresa May to delay a Scottish independence referendum, but insisted it could not be put off for long in the face of Brexit.

Scotland’s first minister earlier said a new independence vote should be held in 2018, before the final deal on the UK’s exit from the EU is sealed. But on Sunday she hinted that she could be willing to wait up to another year, reported the Guardian.

May has said she will not agree to any referendum taking place before Brexit, telling Sturgeon “now is not the time” for the vote to be re-run.

Sturgeon said she was still offering compromise. “[May] said she does not agree with that timescale,” the first minister told Peston on Sunday. “I think it is for her then to say what timescale she thinks would be appropriate and I’m happy to have that discussion within reason.

“If she’s talking in the spring of 2019, a bit later perhaps than I was suggesting, there may be some room for discussion around that. But it seems to me to be just fundamentally unfair for a UK government, with Brexit having sunk the ship, trying to puncture Scotland’s lifeboat as well.” Sturgeon added that a delay until after the next Scottish parliamentary elections in 2021 would not be acceptable. “I don’t think that is reasonable because by that point Scotland has been taken out of the EU, two years have elapsed,” she said. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency