Scientific prediction of musical talents in students discussed at AGU


Manama, A study from the College of Graduate Studies (CGS) at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) sought to identify the level of implicit theories of talent, as well as personal and existential innovation, in addition to performance. The study was conducted on a sample of musically-talented students at the Higher Institute for Musical Arts in Kuwait, and sought to understand the students’ performance variation in light of the implicit theories discussed.


The study, which considered gender as a main factor, sampled 118 male and female musically-talented students at the Institute in Kuwait. As a result, the study has come up with a constructive model that explains the relation between implicit theories on the one hand, and with existential and performance innovation on the other.


Conducted by researcher Mashael Khaled Bushehri, the study was reviewed as a dissertation that is part of her PhD requirements in the topic of Gifted Education. The results have shown that the levels of implicit theories for talent, creativity and personality were high in the sampled group, and so was existential creativity. The study has also shown that there aren’t any differences in the implicit theory levels (as an innate element), or in creativity between males and females.


Moreover, the study has shown a very strong correlation between the levels of musical performance and the variables of the theory, creating a predictable model with identical data. The discussion committee was comprised of Cognitive Psychology and Learning Professor in CGS Dr Emad Al Zeghoul and CGS Deputy Dean in Educational Field Dr Alaaeldin Ayoub, as well as Gifted Education Assistant Professor in CGS Dr Fatima Al Jassim as an internal evaluator, and Educational Psychology Professor at the College of Education at Mutah University, Jordan, Professor Fuad Talafha, as an external evaluator.


Source: Bahrain News Agency