School students collect 1,010 kg of recyclable paper and plastic in Abu Dhabi

2013-06-16 13:00:32
WAM ABU DHABI: Students from Abu Dhabi’s Cambridge High School recently joined hands with the Centre of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi and Dulsco Waste Management Services to raise their voices against the rapid environmental degradation brought on by growing human development.
The students from The Cambridge High School collected more than 1,010 kg of recyclable paper and plastic. The amount of the recyclable material collected by the students is equivalent to saving: -19 trees, -17.8 barrels of oil, -7639.03 gallons of water, – 65 lbs of air pollution prevented from being released – 3.6 cubic yards of landfill space, – 4,474 kWh of electricity which is enough to power the average home for 153 days.
In addition, through interactive events such as awareness sessions and posters, the students also learned about segregating the recyclable material at source and how to avoid contamination.
Engineer Hani Hossni, Strategy and Business Development Director at the Centre of Waste Management, in a press release, pointed out that through such initiatives, the Centre of Waste Management was keen to increase awareness on environment protection and reducing the pressure on landfills by segregating waste at source.
“The most effective way to spread the environment message is through students, who in turn educate their parents about the best practices in recycling. Our engagement with the young minds through such initiatives ensures that the future generations can be well aware of their environmental responsibility,” he added.
Describing the campaign as a resounding success, Peter Lugg, Principal of The Cambridge High School, said: “While teaching students from 77 nationalities in our school, we not only educate them on their syllabus but also impart knowledge on relevant and current issues, such as environment awareness. Campaigns such as these give the children the opportunity to learn and experience environment protection first hand and make a meaningful contribution to society. We want the younger generation to grow up with a real love of the environment and are confident that the drive will play a useful part in that process.” The material collected during the campaign will be taken by waste management leader Dulsco to authorized recycling centres where they will be recycled into useful environment-friendly products. In the next few months, Dulsco plans to expand the campaign to include many more schools in the region.
Indranil Dutta, General Manager of Dulsco Abu Dhabi, said that the R2R campaign was aimed at putting the spotlight on people’s duty towards the environment.
“The R2R initiative was developed to involve all sections of society and it is encouraging to see children, more than adults, mobilizing themselves for this important campaign,” he added.
“Being a responsible company, we are keen to ensure a greater private-public engagement in environment protection.” WAM/MMYS

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