Scandal in dropped case of Tawhid-Salam

Scandal in dropped case of Tawhid-SalamI recently had the chance to read the ruling that dropped the charges in the Tawhid-Salam [an Iran-backed illegal organization active in Turkey] investigation. The police officers who took part in the Tawhid-Salam probe objected to the decision of the prosecutor, who hastily and unlawfully dropped the case.

The police officers are right to object because they have become the target of another investigation that has attempted to convict them for their involvement in the Tawhid-Salam investigation. The content of the Tawhid-Salam case apparently confirms the police officerand#39s statements and reveals scandalous relations [between top officials and the Iran-linked organization].

After Yurt Atayun, former head of the Istanbul Police Departmentand#39s counterterrorism unit, testified [on charges of illegal wiretapping as part of an operation targeting senior police officers following police raids on July 22], the judge of the case trimmed Atayunand#39s statement when composing the case file. The judge hesitated over exposing such relations.

In the Tawhid-Salam investigation, evidence from monitoring revealed that HA YazIcIoIlu [a suspect in the case] gave confidential information about Turkey to the top representative of the [Iranian] Quds Force in Turkey.(GuLTEKIN AVCI, BUGuN.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman