Saudi reveals identity of terrorists involved in bombing mosque in Abha

RIYADH, Jan 31 (KUNA) — Saudi Ministry of Interior revealed on Sunday names of Saudis who were involved in the terrorist bombing that targeted the special forces’ mosque in Abha, Aseer, in Ausgust.
A ministry spokesman was quoted by the official Saudi Press Agency as saying investigations led to the conclusion that the suicide, bomber, Yousef Suleiman Abdullah Al-Suleiman, was linked to the terrorist cell, publicized in the end of the Hijri year, following a raid on two hideouts in Riyadh and Dhurma governorate.
Eleven personnel and four workers were killed in the bombing attack on the mosque.
The spokesman added that a member of the special forces, named Salah Al-Shehrani, had assisted the bomber and that two other accomplices were apprehended, but nine members of the terrorist cell remained at large.
He declared bounties for people who may come up with information about whereabouts of the fugitives. (end) od.rk