Saudi-led coalition forms legal team for Yemen operations

RIYADH, Jan 31 (KUNA) — The Command of the Saudi-led Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced Sunday formation of an independent legal team for operations that include senior military officers and advisors, official media reported.
The team will also include highly qualified experts in weapons and international humanitarian law fields.
The team will evaluate and check incidents that take place in Yemen, and conduct measures in order to produce a comprehensive, clear, and a topical report detailing each incident and include outcomes, lessons, recommendations, and future measures, the Coalition said in a statement, according to Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
It stressed the importance of respecting and committing to the international law and international human rights principles, expressing regret over civilian casualties in Yemen.
The statement also reiterated keenness in taking all precautions to protect civilians, medical staff, humanitarian organizations, relief agencies, and journalists.
Meanwhile, the Command described some media reports that claimed civilian casualties by the Coalition’s operations as categorically baseless. (end)