Saudi Cabinet Urges Yemeni Rebels to Adhere to Peaceful Solution

Jeddah, – The Saudi Council of Ministers renewed call to the putschists in Yemen and their supporters to adhere to the references of the peaceful solution represented by the initiative of GCC and its executive mechanisms, the outputs of the National Dialogue Conference and relevant United Nations resolutions including the resolution 2216.

According to Saudi press agency (SPA), the Saudi cabinet also commended the statement issued by 18 Ambassadors Group on Yemen and its concern about unilateral and unconstitutional actions carried out by elements of General People’s Congress Party, Houthis and their supporters in Sana’a that make the search for a peaceful solution more difficult, increase divisions in Yemen and will not address its political, economic and security problems.

The Saudi cabinet also condemned the serious escalation and repeated racist attacks being carried out by Israeli occupation forces and groups of extremist settlers on Al-Aqsa Holy Mosque, stressing that these attacks and policies represent a flagrant provocation to the feelings of Muslims for being continuing assault on religious rights in Al-Aqsa Holy Mosque, the violation of all international conventions and the principles of human rights, increasing the deterioration of the situation and its complication and undermining the chances for peace.

It renewed the Saudi Arabia’s call on the United Nations Security Council to move quickly to put an end to all Israeli violations and systematic crimes against the Palestinian people.

Source: Qatar News Agency