Saraj: final victory proclamation over Daesh soon.

Saraj: final victory proclamation over Daesh soon.Tuesday , 30-08-2016 – 14:59:00

Tripoli, 20.08.2016(Lana) President of the Presidency Council, Fayez Saraj has announced that final victory over daesh in the country is to be made soon, months after the start of the military operations in Serte. In an interview with Cnn Arabic Monday, saraj said the armed forces loyal to the Presidency Council managed to force Daesh elements to retreat despite the difficulties and scarcity of resources and menace of this organization to which the whole world mobilized its resources to fight it. On increased talks about presence of foreign forces on Libyan soil, Saraj said there are some experts on strategic support, pointing out to the US air strikes against Daesh targets. Some probably did not believe or do not want to believe that our forces managed to triumph against this terrorist organization, he added. When we needed an air support we publically announced that, and we announce today through you that we welcome the support of brothers and friends to our armed forces in coordination with the Presidency council excluding land intervention, Saraj pointed out. Saraj also urged to give access for the injured in Serte for treatment in hospitals of sisterly and friendly countries. =Lana=