Sanders to meet with Clinton, discuss US Democratic Party platform

WASHINGTON, June 12 (KUNA) — Senator Bernie Sanders on Sunday said he will meet with his Democratic presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, on Tuesday to discuss the 2016 Democratic Party platform and “what kind of administration she will have” if she wins the US presidency in November.
In an ABC “This Week” interview, Sanders repeated his statement last week that he will do all he can to defeat Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
“Donald Trump is totally and absolutely unfit to become president of the United States,” Sanders, the democratic socialist senator from Vermont, said of the New York billionaire.
“It is incomprehensible to me that in the year 2016, after all this country has suffered with in terms of racism and discrimination, that this man is running his campaign based on bigotry, based on attacking Mexicans and Latinos and Muslims and African-Americans and women,” Sanders said.
In his meeting with Clinton and beyond, Sanders said he will “do everything I can to make sure that the Democratic Party transforms itself into becoming a grass-roots party that represents working people and young people, and not just a party that goes out raising money from the wealthy.” He said he will press to make the Democratic Party platform the most progressive one in party history, and “make sure that it is clear we are going to fight for health care for all people, making public colleges and universities tuition-free, and addressing the global crisis of climate change.” Sanders said he wanted “to make sure we transform America, and tell the wealthiest people in this country they cannot have it all.” Clinton will need Sanders’ endorsement and active campaign support to help attract his millions of supporters among the left-wing Democratic base, particularly college-educated young people, as well as independent voters.
During his meeting with Clinton on Tuesday, Sanders said he will want to determine “whether or not she will stand up forcefully for working families and be prepared to take on Wall Street and the big-money influences.” He said he also will discuss whether Clinton will back progressive taxation, the crises of the inner cities, childhood poverty and “a massive federal jobs program to put millions of people back to work, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.” (end) rm.ibi