Sanalla: Financial situation of oil sector improving.

Sanalla: Financial situation of oil sector improving.Tuesday , 18-10-2016 – 16:24:00

Zewitina, 18.10.2016 (Lana) Chairman of National Oil Corporation, (NOC) Mustfa Sannalla paid a visit to the oil \Crescent to follow up ongoing maintenance work and other planned works. In press statement, Sanalla said the financial situation of the oil sector is improving and he was promised to release NOC budget installments to cover other maintenance work of the oil sector and provide required chemicals and other material necessary for maintenance work. he also highlighted the existing problem of closure of Sharara and the Elephant oil fields. He was accompanied in the visit by member of the board Belqasem Shanqiar, Jadalla Al Aukri and head of several oil companies as well NOC officials. =Lana=