S Korea’s Constitutional Court Holds First Hearing on Park Impeachment Case

Seoul, South Korea’s Constitutional Court held its first open hearing Tuesday to determine the fate of President Park Geun-hye following her impeachment over a corruption scandal involving her and her longtime friend.
Park, who has had her presidential powers suspended until a decision is made by the court, did not appear before the nine-member bench in a widely anticipated move.
Court President Park Han-chul closed the session nine minutes after it began, citing Park’s absence, Yonhap news agency reported.
“We will do our best to conduct a strict and fair review of the impeachment case,” he said.
Park was impeached by the National Assembly on Dec. 9 over her alleged involvement in a string of suspected crimes committed by Choi Soon-sil. Choi, a daughter of Park’s late mentor Choi Tae-min, has been accused of abusing her ties to the president to gain various business and personal favors despite having no position in the government.
Park has denied all of the allegations against her, saying she only received simple advice from Choi and carried out her presidential duties faithfully.




Source: Qatar News Agency