Moscow – The socio-political situation in Russia continues to be stable in spite of attempts by foreign non-governmental organizations to destabilize it, Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Alexander Grebenkin said.

Grebenkin emphasized that the trend towards the growth in the number of registered crimes related to extremism persists in the country, explaining that in 2014, 1,450 extremist crimes were identified, which is a 9.1% increase compared to 2015, according to (TASS) news agency.

Grebenkin noted though that “promoting the ideas of national, religious and racial supremacy along with the destructive activities of individual non-governmental organizations, above all, foreign who have pushed ahead with their efforts to destabilize the socio-political situation in the country contribute, in a very large measure, to the prevalence of extremist manifestations”.

He noted that the results of sociological surveys and opinion polls show that the situation in the sphere of countering extremism, interethnic and inter-religious relations in the country can be described as stable and controllable.

The Russian Attorney-General Yury Chaika confirmed earlier, the number of crimes classified as “terrorist act” rised in his country during the past year by about 25%, compared to 2015.

Source: Qatar News Agency