Russia, Iran And Turkey Issue Final Statement in Astana

Astana, The guarantors of the Astana talks on the Syrian conflict, Russia, Turkey and Iran, confirmed that they respect Syria’s independence due to its diversity, stressing the importance of settling political truce by applying Resolution 2254 of the UN as there is no military solution to the conflict.

A joint statement from the guarantors said “We emphasize that the international meeting on Syrian settlement has been the direct dialogue between the Syrian Government and opposition in line with the Resolution 2254 of the UNSC. We support the desire of the opposition groups to take part in the next round of talks in Geneva on February 8, 2017.” In the document the parties encourage the members of the international community to support the political process and implement all measures which have been concurred with the UNSC. “We have made a decision to actively cooperate on the Astana platform with the UN support to ensure the Syrian political process, contribute to the global processes and execution of the Resolution 2254. We express gratitude to President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Kazakhstan for receiving the international Syrian settlement meeting in Astana”, the statement said.

Source: Qatar News Agency