Russia deploys drones, radars in Syria

MOSCOW, March 1 (KUNA) — Russia announced Tuesday that it has deployed a number of drones and several air defense and artillery instrumental reconnaissance systems in Syria.
“Over the past three days the Russian Defense Ministry has redeployed to Hmeimim three advanced complexes equipped with drones and two radars capable of identifying small targets and of exposing the use of artillery systems by terrorists,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a press release.
It added that the “two sets of artillery instrumental reconnaissance have been delivered to Syria and deployed there” to identify locations of multiple rocket launchers, artillery pieces and mortars being used by truce abusers.
“In order to strengthen control over the regime of the cessation of hostilities in Syrian territory the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have created a system for the full monitoring of the situation in the conflict zone. Drones, a grouping of satellites and other technical reconnaissance equipment are used in the control,” it said. (end) as.ibi