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HUM-TANZANIA-KUWAIT Al-Farouq Center .. legacy of late Kuwaiti philanthropist Al-Sumait KUWAIT, March 26 (KUNA) — Al-Farouq Center, affiliated to the Kuwaiti Direct Aid Society (KDAS), in the Tanzanian city Dar Es Salam is an example to follow in the realm integrated and wide-scale philanthropic works, the State of Kuwait Ambassador to the country said.
Ambassador Jassem Al-Najem, in a statement to KUNA on Saturday, said the center, founded by the late renowned Kuwaiti charity leader, Abdulrahman Al-Sumait, provides health services to the locals.
The Kuwaiti center, which includes a school, an orphanage house, a mosque and a water well, provides teaching, health services and care for orphans.
The society chairman, Dr. Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Sumait, has attended a ceremony held at the center, during which excellent students were honored. He has also visited schools and orphanage houses, run by the Kuwaiti charitable association.
The statement quoted Al-Sumait as declaring inauguration of the first part of Al-Sumait Center in the city Kigoma, where the society built, on a 150,000-sq-m plot of land, a school, orphanage house, health center, large mosque, guest house and residences for the center workers. He has also visited the society centers in the city Moshi.
Ambassador Al-Najem attended inauguration of a school and mosque, also run by the society, in Bonjo, a village located 150 kms south of Dar Es Salam. Local residents expressed gratitude to the society for digging two water wells, sparing them daily 10-km trek to the nearest well in the region. (end) nbs.rk