Renowned Author Engages Aspiring Qatari Writers at Qatar National Library

Qatari authors and literary figures discussed the newest developments and standards in novel and story writing in Qatar during the second Qatari Writers Forum held at Qatar National Library on 16 and 17 October.

As part of the two-day event, Jamal Fayez, an established Qatari author, engaged aspiring Qatari writers during a hands-on workshop, which explored the foundations of a short story and how to craft creative stories.

Mona Al-Hajri, who attended the event, said: I attended the forum because I want to develop a professional literary career. The Library has a major role in encouraging new writers and inspiring us to be creative. I plan to attend the upcoming forums at the Library to help my writing career.

The Library’s Qatari Writers Forum aims to connect new and experienced Qatari writers to exchange expertise and promote Arabic writing and literature.

Another participant, Sayed Mohamed Abetat, said: I participated in the forum in order to further develop my writing talent and skills and build on my experience in literary writings. I was delighted to see the Library’s announcement for this forum, so I decided to come and take advantage of the experiences of the writers and learn from them.

Source: Qatar National Library