Rejecting Qatari payments, Hamas says Israeli ‘preconditions’ violate ceasefire

Hamas refused to accept $15 million in Qatari funds that arrived in the Gaza Strip on Thursday after Israel approved the transfer following an almost two week delay.Citing the occupation’s conditions placed on the funds by Israel, Hamas refused to accept the funds from the Qatari emissary and insisted that Gaza will not be part of blackmail or a theater for Israeli election festivals.The preconditions that were given by Israel for securing the Qatar payments were unacceptable. We consider this as a breach of the ceasefire agreement and Israel will bear the responsibility for this Hamas’s deputy leader Khalil al-Haya said in a press conference addressing the transfer.”We affirm that the march or return will continue until the Palestinian national rights are achieved,” al-Haya added, confirming fears that the refusal might be used to justify intensification of the Friday border protests.In a rare public declaration of support for the Hamas movement, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad said it stood with Hamas in rejecting the “Zionist extortion.”Shortly after Hamas’s declaration, the Qatari emissary was reported to be leaving the Gaza Strip.

Source: National News Agency