Ramadan exhibitions.. Important venues for Kuwaiti business ventures

By Muntaha Al-Fadhli KUWAIT, June 10 (KUNA) — Vendors and business owners in Kuwait await for the advent of Ramadan to sell their products at various exhibitions held during the Holy Month.
Ramadan exhibitions provide a platform for them to sell their goods due to the huge turnout of clients that these events generate.
In a number of interviews with KUNA, business personnel spoke about how Ramadan exhibitions allowed them to exchange expertise with their peers, as well as benefit financially from the huge number of clients attending.
It is an opportunity for us to explore possibilities for growth in our respective businesses, Fouzi Al-Shibeeb, a businessman, told KUNA.
He said that business owners could benefit from various means to promote and sell their products, adding that exhibitions during the month of Ramadan were the perfect venues for such goals.
The huge turnout that the events’ produce was an indication of the success of these types of exhibitions, Al-Shibeeb stressed, noting that most of the customers were ladies.
On her part, businesswoman Amal Al-Jarallah said that she benefited greatly from the use of Social Media in the promotion of her products and added that the Ramadan exhibitions also provided more exposure for her business.
Al-Jarallah indicated that she was involved in the traditional Kuwaiti cuisine business, noting the exhibition had helped her in bringing the business out the boundaries of her home.
Other business vendors partaking the exhibitions expressed their gratitude towards organizing such events, which had a great impact on the success of each of their own individual businesses. (end) mf.gta