Ramadan: A time of sacrifice for good of all, UAE Paper

Ramadan: A time of sacrifice for good of all, UAE Paper

2013-07-10 10:31:30
WAM ABU DHABI, July 10th, 2013 (WAM) — During a time of anger and turmoil in many countries, Ramadan offers a chance for reflection, reconciliation and increased efforts to help others by working towards peace and prosperity for all, , the UAE daily ‘Gulf News’, said in an editorial today.
It continued “These are not only the tasks of leaders, but the duty of all during this month. As much as fasting and prayer is a chance for individual contemplation, it is also incumbent on Muslims to reach out to help others, regardless of religion or nationality”.
Helping others, especially at great cost and inconvenience to ourselves”, is the most meaningful expression of faith. For those who are caught up in turmoil, this may involve making peace, even with those who may seem to be implacable enemies”.
“In these especially troubled times, it is now-more than ever-necessary to concentrate on the message of peace and goodwill and to step away from some of the excesses, in food and gifts, that unfortunately have come to mark the month. There are many organisations and charities that are working to do good across the world. This is a time to give to them to help them succeed”, concluded the paper.

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