Raging Fire Destroys Old Garment Building in Western Tehran

Tehran, A fast-moving blaze ripped through an old garment building in Tehran early Thursday, leveling down to the ground the more than half-a-century-old building in an unprecedented incident in the Iranian capital.

The fire started at around 8 (local time) at the building, Plasco, which is home to hundreds of clothes and garment manufacturers and businesses, and large flames spiraled up from the building which could be seen from miles away, according to Fars News Agency (FNA).

A videographer on the scene said he could feel the heat about 40 meters away.

Most people had been evacuated from the building, as tens of firefighters and rescue workers rushed into the building to put out the fire whose lives are at risk and a source of deep concern now.

Spokesman for Tehran’s medical emergencies department said that nearly 40 people, including firefighters, have been injured and transferred to the hospitals. Reports said tens of fighter fighters and business owners have been caught under the rubbles of the 17-storey building which was built 53 years ago. The fire had started from the 9th floor, according to authorities.

Source: Qatar News Agency