RAF Implements Relief Projects at Cost of Over QR 152 Million in 2016

Doha, Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) has carried out 220 relief projects in 34 Asian, African and European countries during 2016 that worth more than QR 152 million .

Dr. Mohamed Salah Ibrahim, Deputy Director General of RAF Foundation said in a press statement today that the total expenditure of the Foundation on relief projects carried out over the past year amounted to more than QR 152 million , praising the great interaction RAF projects received from philanthropists in Qatar through their generous donations for RAF projects He added that the number of beneficiaries of the relief projects amounted to approximately 2.7 million people affected by natural disasters or caused by the conflicts that took place in some countries.

He pointed out that the Foundation had provided all types of relief including food, medical services and education to those affected.

Source: Qatar News Agency