RAF Establishes 166 Mosques in 14 African Countries Last Year

Doha, Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) has established 166 mosques in 14 African countries over the past year at a total cost of more than QR 12 million .
In its annual report RAF said that these mosques were furnished and equipped with all facilities and were attached by endowments and simple production projects to cover their maintenance expenses.
The report said that the State of Niger was ranked first in the projects to benefit from the mosques, where “33” mosques were built, followed by Mali with 32 mosques and Benin “20” mosques.
It added that 16 mosques were built in Mauritania, and 15 mosques in Somalia, 9 mosques Burkina Faso 9 mosques, with Sudan and Kenya were equal in the number of mosques built where 8 mosques were built in each addition to 7 mosques in Gambia.
The rest of the mosques were built by donation of Qatari philanthropists in Morocco, Tanzania, Ghana, Senegal, and Chad, the report said.

Source: Qatar News Agency