RAF Announces Preparations to Provide Urgent Relief for People of Aleppo

Doha, Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) has announced its preparations for the implementation of emergency relief projects for the provision of basic needs of the displaced people of Aleppo.

In a press statement today, RAF said that the plan includes the provision of shelter and non-food items, such as tents, blankets, and rain insulators, heaters, fuel, mattresses, clothing .. The plan also includes the provision of canned food baskets, food baskets, baby milk, in addition to the provision of Medical supplies.

RAF has stepped up its efforts over the past two days, in coordination and communication with the humanitarian organizations working within Syria to deliver relief materials, to the aid of displaced people who managed to get out of eastern Aleppo, and those who will have to leave in the coming days.

According to international reports, the humanitarian situation in Aleppo reached a serious stage, where the eastern neighborhoods of the city are being imposed to the siege and continuing shelling for more than 20 days, which caused waves of displacement towards other neighborhoods within the besieged areas and some displacement waves towards the western areas of the city.

Source: Qatar News Agency