The Department of Facilities and General Services Department at Qatar University (QU) has undertaken a series of important measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in the university community. These measures included the formation of the Higher Committee on Health and Safety. The composition of the committee was based on the fact that QU is first national university and its safety.
This committee’s objective is to manage emergencies and crises. It is committed to plan and mange university when any crisis occur in order to control the spread of Covid-19 and reduce the damage caused by the occurrence of the incident.
Eng. Mai Hamad Fetais, Director of Facilities and General Services Department, said “Our department has takes series of measures to prevent the spread of any type of infections. The health and safety committee has announced list of precautionary measures for students to follow in order to enter university premises. The students are asked to bring their student ID cards, wear masks at all times and their temperature will be checked upon their arrival at university and while entering other departments.”
These procedures will enable students to attend abs take their exams in safe environment at university. While university has taken several measures to achieve this goal.
With regard to procedures for dealing with sick and positive cases, and in accordance with the circular issued by the Department of Public Facilities and Services dated 21/09/2020, positive or suspected cases of Covid-19 will be immediately reported to the Health and Safety Section at these helpline numbers: 44033699, 44033699.
All those involved in these cases are also subject to mandatory examination with the departments, to the procedures of the Ministry of Public Health. They are granted 14 days of leave and home quarantine during which they are distant from other students. Compulsory examination will be conducted for all involved in this room, including teachers.
The cleaning and sterilization of university facilities is carried out on a daily basis by the General Services Section of the Facilities and Public Services Department.
Any facility with confirmed positive case is also immediately sterilized by the Health and Safety Section.
To ensure the safety of all people from Covid-19, the Department of Health and Safety, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and various departments, carried out random screening of 40% of employees and 80% of the employees from other contracting companies.