The efforts of the National Scientific Research and Innovation Competition 2020 were crowned on Wednesday, November 25, 2020 in a digital conference.
Three groups of high school students won four prizes, including two first places, a third place, and a special prize out of 720 participating projects from various schools and educational institutions. All the research involved is distinguished by its distinction, quality of ideas, and innovative solutions that serve different sectors and fields in energy, industry, environment and agriculture.
Student Anfal Al-Sulaiti from Zubaida secondary school for girls won first place in the Chemistry and Material Sciences category for a research titled “Polymeric nano-composite coating for the protection of steel”. The importance of this coating lies in its versatility in the fields of industry, production and preservation of the environment.
Two students, Abdullah Al-Janahi and Abdullah Al-Nasr, from Qatar Science and Technology secondary school for boys, won third place for another research titled “Smart and robust nano-composite fibers for self-powering electronic devices” in the Energy Category. This research presents a new, innovative and more efficient way to produce electricity that is safe on the environment.
Tamim Al-Rashed and Yousef Al-Mahmoud from the Qatar Banking Sciences and Business Administration secondary school for boys, won the first place in the category of plant and animal sciences, and a special prize for a research entitled “Hydrogel sensor for agricultural applications”.
This research aims to improve soil properties by creating a smart sensor to irrigate crops according to soil needs, in addition to increasing soil fertility and agricultural production by using agricultural incentives such as Arabic Gum. This project will revolutionize agriculture in the State of Qatar, seeking self-sufficiency in basic agricultural crops.
On this occasion, Dr. Noora Al-Thani, Director of the Qatar University Young Scientists Center, expressed her happiness and said “scientific research is of great importance in developing societies and refining skills by combining query and knowledge and conducting experiments with data analysis, which leads to the creation of solutions and products”.
Dr. Noora addressed the winning students, saying, “I always feel proud of our students who are used to winning in local and international competitions for research and innovation”. She also praised the efforts of the Center’s sponsors, namely the Ras Laffan Industrial City Community Outreach Program, and the partners, namely, UNESCO-Doha Office, and the Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science.
In our modern world, scientific research is the only window to economic, social, cultural and intellectual progress. All scientific, industrial and technological revolutions are nothing but the fruits of knowledge accumulation. That is why the Qatar University (QU) Young Scientists Center devotes tremendous efforts and resources to instilling the foundations of scientific research and enriching knowledge capital in the younger generation, in order to achieve strategies and goals pivotal in achieving the visions of the country’s development.