QU Young Scientists Center Concludes Fifth Youth Research Forum 2023

The Qatar University (QU) Young Scientists Center concluded the Fifth Youth Research Forum 2023 as part of its mission to provide opportunities to develop scientific research skills for young researchers from Qatar and the world and to enrich their careers.

The forum discussed a variety of themes such as the quality of higher education as one of the sustainable development goals and a way to consolidate its concept; the theme of legal legislation aimed at consolidating the concepts of sustainable development and achieving its goals and the scientific research theme as a means to consolidate concepts and achieve the sustainable development goals.

Many researchers from several countries presented their research contributions in the form of research papers and scientific posters at the Fifth Youth Research Forum 2023 to be evaluated by an evaluation committee specialized in various fields from QU and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. It is worth noting that the center has started receiving research abstracts since June 2022, and it has received approximately 280 abstracts. Only 186 were accepted, and 36 were nominated to present in the forum from 16 different countries. This cycle of the Youth Research Forum is distinguished by the diversity of research to expand the areas of participation.

Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, Prof. Mariam Al Maadeed commented saying, “Higher education institutions have the most important and largest role in leading development and the movement of scientific research and development, being the highest educational institutions with capabilities and resources from strong infrastructure, researchers and experts in various fields. Qatar University supports all initiatives that contribute effectively to achieving strategies that put Qatar at the forefront of countries in many aspects.” She added, “The Youth Research Forum highlights Qatar University as a pioneer in the field of research and encourages young people to keep pace with world trends in research, and to create effective solutions to major challenges.

Director of Qatar University Young Scientists Center, Prof. Noora Al-Thani, said, “The center always seeks to provide opportunities and support for students from all over the world to share their research and findings with experts and researchers at Qatar University. This is of great benefit to them as it provides experience, develops skills, and expands creativity.” She added, “Through the forum, we aim to encourage young people to research, innovate and compete. I am always proud of our students’ access to local and international platforms and their participation in many research and innovation conferences and exhibitions. I hope that students will continue to achieve excellence and success in their scientific and practical career.”

Source: Qatar News Agency

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