Doha, – Qatar University (QU) has launched the upcoming First Session of “Tajrebaty” Initiative at a press conference held at the University.

Details the “Tajrebaty” event (May 11) were outlined by QU Director of Student Services and Activities Abdulla Al-Yafei, “Tajrebaty” Initiative Founder Eng Ibrahim Al Sada, Head of Public Relations Department at Qatar Ministry of Culture and Sports Mr Saud Al-Dulaimi, and Qatar Youth Hostels Association Deputy CEO Ahmed Al Obeidli in the presence of officials from QU, the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Qatar Youth Hostels Association, as well as representatives of the local media.

Organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Qatar Youth Hostels Association, the “Tajrebaty” event includes numerous sessions. The main themes of the sessions have been selected within an annual plan that aligns with community needs and activities. They include: Education, Sciences and Culture; Industry, Finance and Entrepreneurship; Environment and Sustainability; Health and Nutrition; Family, Woman and Children; Arts and Literature; Culture, Civilization, History and Archeology; and Sports, Youth and Volunteerism.

Commenting on the event, Abdulla Al-Yafei said: “This event reflects Qatar University’s commitment to raising community awareness on the importance of personal experiences and initiatives and their positive impact on the development of the society in various educational and humanitarian areas.

The University is committed to promoting environments that embrace such initiatives and experiences and to creating and supporting opportunities that contribute to the society’s growth. Qatar University continues in its efforts to highlight issues that are related to the Qatari society and to promote the role and the contribution of youth in the progress and growth of human civilization by providing them with opportunities to share and exchange their ideas, expertise and experiences, which motivates them towards innovation and success.” He added: “Qatar University also serves as a bridge between the academic sector and the society through strengthening collaboration with institutions from the public and private sectors and through spreading the spirit of cooperation and volunteerism among students, which contributes to boosting their leadership and innovative skills, as well as their social responsibility, in line with the Human Development Strategy and the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030.” Eng Ibrahim Al Sada said: “I would like to thank Qatar University for hosting this first-ever event. I would also like to thank the Ministry of Culture and Sports for supporting this initiative and Qatar Youth Hostels Association for its support to the volunteers who were involved in the organization of this initiative.” He added: “The “Tajrebaty” Initiative aims to promote the role of youth in the development and growth of the human civilization through knowledge-sharing. It also aims to provide youth with a platform to exchange their ideas and experiences with the members of the community, which will enable them to realize their aspirations. We hope that “Tajrebaty” initiative will become a prestigious platform at the regional level.” Saud Al-Dulaimi said: “The Ministry of Culture and Sports is supporting the “Tajrebaty” Initiative based on a directive from Qatar Minister of Culture and Sports HE Salah bin Ghanem bin Nasser Al Ali to support Qatar’s youth.

This also aligns with the Ministry’s vision and strategy “towards a society with an authentic conscience and a healthy body”. The Ministry welcomes Qatar’s youth to showcase their initiatives towards the fulfillment of the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030.” Ahmed Al Obeidli said: “Established in 1983, Qatar Youth Hostels Association contributes to the community through the organization of various annual events and programs that target youth. The Association has a prominent presence in national events and plays a role in strengthening links between the different categories of youth.”(QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency