Department of Chemistry & Earth Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences, Qatar University, organized Undergraduate Research Presentations for Male and Female students, as well as an Honoring Ceremony for Qatar University American Chemical Society (QUACS) Student Chapter for their participation in events & community services.

Prof. Yousef Hijji, supervised three students on synthesis of Schiff base as chemical sensors for detection of zinc and cyanide in environmental samples. Ms. Heba Hassan synthesized and characterized amino sugar Schiff base as zinc fluorescent chemical sensor whereas Ms. Razen Al-Qudah synthesized and characterized amino sugar salicylidene as cyanide chemical sensor. Mr. Mahmoud Khatib worked on synthesis and characterization of imines as anion chemical sensors.

Four students supervised by Dr. Marwa Elazazy presented their work on recycling of waste from various sources as efficient and novel adsorbents for removal of dyes from Wastewater. Ms. Sarra Dimassi worked on Bio-waste Aloe Vera leaves as an efficient adsorbent for Titan Yellow Dye from Wastewaters whereas Ms. Bayan Yousef worked on recycling of Green tea Waste into a novel adsorbent for Methylene Blue from Wastewaters.

Ms. Aya Ashraf presented her work on Eco-structured Biosorptive removal of Basic Fuschin using Pistachio Nutshells and lastly, Ms. Nuri Akhter presented her work on Watermelon Rinds as cost-efficient Green Adsorbents for Water Purification.

The session ended with a brief presentation from Ms. Elkhansa Elbasheir & Ms. Zeineb Thiehmed regarding the accomplishments by Qatar University American Chemical Society (QUACS) Student Chapter which is supervised by Faculty Advisor, Prof. Siham Al-Qaradawi.

Prof. Yousef Hijji commented on the event saying, The Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences is committed to provide high-quality research that contributes to the economy, national security and is well aligned with Qatar National Vision 2030. Through the research undertaken, students’ develop data-analysis, effective communication and critical thinking skills.

He added that the Department has maintained the quality of Research Projects offered to meet internationally competitive standard. The outcome is evident by participation of our students in American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meetings where they proudly represent Qatar University. In addition, Prof. Yousef stated that the Research offered by the Faculty is an outcome of their hard work and perseverance.

The event was conducted in the presence of other students, their family members, their respective Project Supervisors, Members of Evaluation Committee and Head of the Department, Prof. Yousef Hijji.

Two students supervised by Prof. Mohammad Mahroof-Tahir presented their work related to the synthesis and characterization of metal complexes with potential antidiabetic and anticancer potential. Ms. Roqaya Al-Kurbi synthesized and characterized complexes with vanadium metal with antidiabetic properties whereas Ms. Tahani Alahmad worked on the complexes of titanium metal with anticancer properties.

Source: Qatar University