A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between QU and QatarDebate Center (QD) on March 4 to strengthen collaboration in heightening youth’s competencies in the art of debate through equipping them with the best skills and high-quality technologies.

The MoU was signed by QU Director of Student Services & Activities Mr Abdulla Al-Yafei and QD Community Engagement Manager Mr Jamal Jassim Al Baker, in the presence of officials from both institutions.

In the terms of the MoU, QU will provide logistic assistance to ensure the success of the workshops and training sessions that QD will offer on the QU campus. The institution will also contribute to facilitating the students’ participation in training camps and local and international championships and public debates, as well as the hosting of Universities Debate Championship and Qatar Universities Debate League in Arabic and English.

QD will contribute to providing qualified trainers to give specialized workshops and training, as well as counseling and supervision to the members of QU Debate Club. Additionally, QD will assist QU in the selection and training of students to prepare them to represent the University in international debating championships. The center will also provide an Arabic-language training program on debates to the members of QU Arabic for Non Native Speakers Center, as well as Arabic and English-language training and specialized sessions to QU members.

Commenting on the MoU, Mr Abdulla Al-Yafei said: We are pleased to partner with QatarDebate Center through this memorandum of understanding. As Qatar’s national first university, Qatar University attracts the highest number of youth, as the University serves more than 20,000 students. Our collaboration with QatarDebate Center has started since many years and has contributed to many achievements and successful results. Through such partnerships, we will continue in our efforts to support youth activities, events and programs to drive forward QU’s ongoing support to youth initiatives.

Mr Jamal Jassim Al Baker said: Since its inception in 2008, QatarDebate Center has built a strong relationship with Qatar University. In this regard, QatarDebate Center provided Qatar University’s members with opportunities to heighten their skills through training provided by the center’s trainers and referees. This memorandum of understanding will serve to strengthen the relationship between both institutions and will contribute to the development of youth intellectual and communication capacities.

Source: Qatar University